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Thank you for shopping with us ( We respect your privacy and want to protect your personal information.

Puma Australia
Our commitment to privacy
Protecting your privacy is important to us. For your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used, how it is ensured, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.

What information is collected:
As part of the booking process, the following information from their customers:
Shipping / Billing Address Name E-mail address Telephone credit / debit card number information.

Policy factor
Our company now offers a complete service to work and develop together with you, including advice of products and services extension, details as follows:

1.Fastly and effective. Now you can be the representatives of our company, if the purchase of our mature product website at cheap price of $ 300. Then, you can open a new online sales MGS! And we will give you priority previde We serve the product freely and extension, should win the first race!

How this information is used The information we collect is used as filling for communication
buyers if you have questions about sending emails with offers.

2. To keep updating your product, we recommend that all products for sale site provided by us. You will notice by e-mail or TEL to update new products. Meanwhile, if you have a question about your new product or market, just comments and our single business with immediate answers.

3.Strong logistics and cooperation with our factory make very sure that person of goods service. Meanwhile, for the mission, we will door and let shipping service freely.

4. The sale prices set by local and wholesale prices for our products based on our retail prices. Normally you go to a commercial basis 30% discount, the amount of preferential treatment.

5. On the website of the officers freedom on the payment method that depends on the actual situation and strong technical support for our company for the development of the unity of electronic payment option for extension.

6. Our company guarantees that when it comes to the amount of orders after two days of delivery, and follow a list of all number of orders, online real-time monitoring offer. Once the goods at destination for 7-9 days.

7. As regards the transport of goods, and therefore require a consistent policy and related products, then you need to provide detailed website of our company! Meanwhile, factors based on their needs, give the company feedback, we will do the update, "give according to the company."